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Customs formalities for (permanent or temporary) imports and exports

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01 41 19 55 95

Jérôme is responsible for all events logistics and your point of contact for the duration of the transport.

01 41 19 55 95

Jérôme est responsable du pôle logistique événementielle. Il sera votre interlocuteur et le chef d’orchestre de vos opérations.

We intervene worldwide to carry out specific transports destined for exceptional locations : for example a product launch, a fashion or after show or specific handling away from the exhibition site. For outstanding projects like these we always start with a preliminary visit of the location and its access points. We are in permanent contact with our forwarding agents to confirm all information. We then study the customs regulations for the country in question as well as the technical and human means necessary to complete the transport successfully. In cooperation with our client or forwarding agent we also establish a reverse schedule for all project details.