Jérôme Perrin: “Innovation and calculated risks are the key to developing a successful business”

Jérôme Perrin

Jérôme Perrin

Jérôme Perrin is an entrepreneur inside out. After graduating from a French business school in 1991, he started to work alongside his father, the managing director of the Fairs and Exhibition Department of Dubois International, a company dealing in international transports with3.800 employees and a turnover of 3.4 billion French Francs at the time.

Within five years, Jérôme had learned the ropes of the transport trade and had gained extensive international experience. Together with Hervé Lavallée, whom he had met early on at Dubois International, they decided to reunite their experience and skills to start their own company. They felt that there was an extended demand for tailored transport services for companies attending international trade fairs, and so they founded GES in March 1997.

Apart from having the necessary experience, Jérôme has always had a taste for entrepreneurship. He explains: “I have always wanted to run my own company. It is important for me to be able to make my own decisions, to innovate when necessary and to take calculated risks when appropriate. In my opinion, these are the skills that every entrepreneur needs in order to succeed.” Running GES, he has certainly had his fair share of opportunities doing just that.

Ever since he chose to set up a niche business within the already quite specific market of trade fair transports, his activity has developed rapidly. A fact certainly due to some bold choices, for example, servicing atypical destinations like the Lebanon, Cuba or Mongolia and offering transports of fragile or unusual goods like fine art, show cars or expensive wines.

Over the last four years, GES has expanded further by offering to look after transports for international companies wanting to attend French trade fairs and exhibitions.