“I have always wanted to work in an international environment”

Jeanne Cabecas

Jeanne Cabecas

“Since I was about 14 years old, I have always wanted to work in an international environment, to learn languages and to discover new countries.” These are the first words that Jeanne Cabecas, a 20-year-old French with Portuguese roots, says when asked about how she came to work for GES. This was in October of last year. “I am preparing a diploma in international logistics for airports and air transports”, she explains. “So I have been working at GES for the last four months putting the theory into practice.” Jeanne is the first point of contact for all forwarding agents GES works with all over the world. Her job is the commercial development of GES’s transport business in cooperation with the agents. So she contacts French companies that are participating in trade fairs in the agent’s country to find out about their transport requirements. Once these are established, she works in close cooperation with the agent on-site who, in turn, will liaise directly with the customer at the trade show.

“My job is very interesting as it allows me to be in contact with agents from all over the world. I exchange with them via email in English, so that all my colleagues understand the correspondence in case I am not in the office. However, whenever I can, I speak Spanish and Portuguese with our agents in Spain, Mexico, Portugal or Brazil.” Over the last three months alone she has worked with agents from more than 20 countries, ranging from Germany, Spain or the United States to the United Arab Emirates, Mexico or even Bangladesh. She exchanges information with them on a regular basis and sends them detailed reports of all activities carried out, so that everybody is on the same page, even thousands of miles away.

“I have always liked languages”, Jeanne explains. I learned English at school of course but I always watch films and series in English and I always communicate with our agents in Spain and Mexico in Spanish. It helps me not to forget my Spanish and the agents like it that they can communicate in their own language. Everybody wins!”, she laughs.

Once her diploma passed in September 2018, Jeanne is looking forward to developing the commercial side for GES and its agents even further. “The more exotic the country, the better!”, she concludes.