The bi-annual exhibition ‘révélations 2019’: Another challenge mastered

In February, Véronique Barlay, logistics expert for fine arts at Global Expo Services, told us about the 2017 exhibition “Révélations” , the international exhibition for fine craft and creation taking place in Paris every two years. She spoke about the challenges for Global Expo Services when they had to transport a statue of well-known [...]

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Handling an electric hyper car

When a Japanese car manufacturer decided to showcase their latest electric hyper car at the Paris Motor Show last September, they called GES. Why? Because it takes expertise, experience and nerves to transport, unpack and set up a sports car worth over 3 million Dollars which goes from 0 to 100km/h in less than [...]

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Meet Maëlle Simoes, agent liaison manager at GES

Maëlle was working in the freight area at CDG airport when she heard that GES were looking for someone to develop their marketing activities. After five years, she had collected extensive experience in import/export operations, in both air and sea transports, so she decided it was time for a new challenge. She applied for the [...]

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Transporting goods in a Europe without borders

The core business at Global Exposition Services is transporting goods to and from exhibitions in France and all around the world. Very often that is a straightforward operation. For example, we take over when a shipment, coming via one of our agents, arrives in France. We'll look after the customs procedures, make sure the shipment [...]

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When fine art meets logistical excellence

Véronique Barlay is an expert when it comes to transporting and handling fine arts. At GES she makes sure that precious goods like paintings, sculptures or unique pieces crafted in glass or leather reach their destination safely and on time. In this article she tells us more about her job and upcoming fine arts' exhibition [...]

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IELA: the trade association that opens doors all over the world

Three years ago, in 2016, Global Expo Services joined IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association. IELA is one of the most prestigious international trade associations for event and exhibition logistics companies with a proven track-record in their particular area of expertise. « First and foremost, to be part of IELA is the recognition of our skills [...]

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Being an agent means joining forces to get ahead of the competition

Belina Flores is the Fairs & Events Manager of Agility Fairs & Events, a company specialized in transports to fairs and events, based in Barcelona and Madrid. In this interview, she explains the role of an agent, why she decided to work with GES and how the cooperation has turned out so far. Belina has [...]

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Global Exposition Services – GES: How it all began

Jérôme Perrin: "Innovation and calculated risks are the key to developing a successful business" Jérôme Perrin Jérôme Perrin is an entrepreneur inside out. After graduating from a French business school in 1991, he started to work alongside his father, the managing director of the Fairs and Exhibition Department of Dubois International, a company dealing [...]

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Presenting Jeanne Cabecas – agent liaison at GES

"I have always wanted to work in an international environment" Jeanne Cabecas "Since I was about 14 years old, I have always wanted to work in an international environment, to learn languages and to discover new countries." These are the first words that Jeanne Cabecas, a 20-year-old French with Portuguese roots, says when asked [...]

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